Tuesday, March 1, 2011

vintage 1980s short skirts. be ready for spring.

These last two days I've been listing a couple of 1980s vintage short and mini skirts in my small and recent etsy shop. It's fun typing out the descriptions to the items and modeling the clothes but I kid you not....it's so time consuming! Then again, there are always trade-offs, right?

Oh yeah, back to the skirts I was telling you about. I was having a difficult time listing these vintage skirts (aside from what I described earlier) because of sentimental reasons. These skirts were hand made in the early 1980s some time before 1985 by a women's sewing cooperative in southern california that my mother once belonged to. According to my mom, about two times a week anywhere from 4 and up to 10 women would meet up in one of the ladie's home when the children were at school to make clothes and/or other crafts while they conversed and shared laughs. As I began listing the skirts in my etsy shop I felt my heart drop to my stomach. I felt remorse for not keeping these skirts even though I've never wore them. It was as if I had let go of my mom in some small way, gulp. Next thing you know, I ran back with the skirts in hand to store them again in the box where they had been resting for the last twenty five years or so. My mom said I was being silly. She said, "If I were you I'd stop being selfish by not storing them back in the lonesome garage and pass them on to other gals to enjoy them." She's right and I love her for it.

1980s vintage skirts made my a women's cooperative in southern california (with the exception of the last two skirts on the far right side)

1980s skirts hanging from a window rod

my two favorite hand made skirts from this bunch....spring time is near and i think this pretty banana cream pie yellow skirt with a comfy elastic waist is perfect to leisurely walk in style pretty much anywhere.

i love the crisp white and robin egg blue colors on this skirt. the small delicate leaves print is adorable and the elastic waist adds the perfect comfy factor to this pretty spring skirt.

my other favorite skirt (not hand-made) is a Sam & Libby nautical theme skirt...so sad it's not my size.

i LOVE the sailboat print

a friend modeling some of the skirts i began listing on my etsy shop

blurry but fun

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