Friday, February 11, 2011

Share the love

Valentine's Day is 3 days away. I am looking forward to the dinner party my dear friends and I will share on February 14. As I was brainstorming on what to serve, how to set up the table, and how to redecorate my place (I want everything to be hand made, unique, and classy) I started thinking of people who would love to partake in this celebration but perhaps do not have someone (or anyone for that matter) to share it with. I believe our expressions of love ought to be year round and towards everyone; significant others, family, and friends but sharing in on Valentine's celebration is fun too.

In an effort to share the love I decided to make Valentine gift baskets (40 of them) for all the women at the church I attend. For some odd reason, there is a high number of single mothers in this church and perhaps they are not expecting anything for Valentine's Day. I could be wrong but a lil' gift never hurt anyone.

I got these boxes from a local store. They were going to the trash but I asked the manager if I could have them and he agreed.

The materials to make the gift baskets. I'd like to point out that the teddy bears are filled with 100% recycled material, sweet. The roses, gift bags, tissue and wrapping paper were purchased at a small store owned by a single mother, hooray for small businessess. The baskets were purchased from a woman who operates a small supplies and materials enterprise from her home.

Deciding which roses I should use....

At least they will last forever, right?

Experimenting to see what looks best....

Finished with the first gift basket....

5 hours later....and 16 gift baskets done.

I'm happy to call it a day for now. Tomorrow Saturday I will finish the other 24 gift baskets.

I will distribute the gift baskets on Sunday afternoon after the church service. I hope the women like them.

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  1. That is really fantastic! Cute baskets and very thoughtful of you!