Thursday, April 21, 2011

crumpled maps and contemporary design inspired by the past

Planning a trip abroad or The Big Apple soon? You might want to get yourself one or two of these indestructible maps designed by palomar. You heard right. These crumpled city maps are printed on special technological material to allow you to crumpled them up in any way and into the smallest spaces like your pocket, backpack, and heck even in your under garments (not endorse by the company, that was my idea). Still not convince? They are 100% water proof. Beat that. I think this is by far one of the most breath taking inventions of the century.

Palomar is an Italian company that has been one of the leading traditional Florentine optic companies since 1956 (taken directly from their site since I don't want to misrepresent who they are). I love the company's choice to use inspiration from the past to innovate and redefine contemporary design. Their designs are exhibited for the public in the beautiful Sciorum, a neo-Renaissance loggia designed by the nineteenth century Florentine architect, Giuseppe Poggi.

Palomar's design inspired by Galileo's 1609 telescope.

Fabio Palchetti, CEO of Palomar at 10 years old.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

abandoned mansions, including the great gatsby estate.

Forbes identified the nine creepiest abandoned mansions in the United States ranging from the 19th century to the more recently built. I was expecting to read ghost stories that would not make it easy to go to bed tonight but I got the complete opossite. As I began to see the photos of these mansions I couldn't help but to think of the families who once lived there and the lives built around these houses. If walls could speak, what would these mansion walls tell us of their past beloved dwellers? Are the rumored ghost stories true or are they nothing but silliness? Whatever it might be, I don't see "creepiness" in these abandoned mansions. I simply see that; abandonment and neglect. Their intimidating tall stature and over grown landscapes loudly scream POTENTIAL, so much of it. Just like when you find a beaten-up vintage treasure that looks to be damaged beyond repair and something inside of you tells you to take it home to give it lots of TLC (tender loving care) because it can still be restored, if not to its' natural state, at minimum something close to it to show off its' beauty and charm; this is how I feel about these "creepy" mansions. They can still be made to shine and serve just like they once did.

Friday, April 8, 2011

posh romance

Just the other day I found this lovely print created by Trisha Brink and fell head over heels. It's dreamy and romantic. The print inspires me to recreate something as pretty on my vanity set. I have empty parfum bottles (I collect them), antique glass bottles, tea cups, mid-century flower vases, flowers, and a jewelry box. The only thing I need is to make space on my vanity.

Monday, April 4, 2011

It's Monday, put on a happy face

I just love it when Dick Van Dyke says, "I order you to smile."

I have a case of the drowsy Mondays and this charming tune never fails to cheer me up, enjoy your Monday :)

Friday, April 1, 2011

pretty women in floral print dresses

No doubt that spring is finally here, heck some of us are already thinking about summer. For some odd reason this year southern California's warm sun, cool breeze, and blooming flowers recently started making themselves known. Prior to this week I was still seeing gloomy skies and chilly mornings. Alas, I'm somewhat late on updating my spring wardrobe but surely I will attempt to catch up this weekend *fingers crossed.* In the meanwhile, here are some beautiful women from the past in very pretty floral dresses.

Rita Hayworth, American film actress

Grace Kelly in Rear Window
Grace Kelly, American film actress & Princess consort of Monacco

#45 -Audrey Hepburn Applying Lipstick Before Academy Awards Presentation
Audrey Hepburn, British actress