Saturday, June 4, 2011

shop with confidence at CovetedVintage

After typing out the title to this posting I was giggling not because it's not true but rather because I sound like a sales person which for the most part are not loved by many. Nonetheless, I decided to keep the title because I honestly believe in it. As you might know I run a small etsy shop here. I strive to source the best vintage clothes I possibly can get my hands on while keeping prices accessible to all. Recently, I received a message from a customer who ordered a skirt and was more than happy with the purchase. Later I learned that this person has one of the best vintage clothing stores in the country and was recognized by the style magazine Lucky as having one of the best fashion boutiques (exclusive not only to vintage stores). I am happy when I learn customers fall in love with their purchase from CovetedVintage and even more when I learn that they are highly respected in the fashion and/or vintage industry :)

 Some of my favorites at CovetedVintage:

I know my layout is not pleasing. I promise to change it soon.

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