Monday, May 23, 2011

Judy Hornby couture dress, my weekend find

Despite playing catch up at home and at work I managed to sneak away for a few hours for some vintage treasure hunting and alas I found this beautiful 1970s Judy Hornby silk chiffon couture dress. The second I saw it I knew I was taking it home with me. As I ran towards it I realized it was not my size but it was too pretty to pass up. Being the good ole vintage loving gal that I am I decided to bring it home with me J

I tried laundering the dress at home but failed miserably, not because I damaged it, but because of two reasons. My laundering efforts did not give the dress the oomph look every chiffon dress ought to have and second the fabric doesn’t feel soft on the skin like it ought to. I need to carefully look for a reliable dry cleaner provider.

Judy Hornby was a high fashion designer based in London who moved to New York in the early 1970s. She is ranked alongside fashion designers Zandra Rhodes who designed for Diana, Princess of Wales and celebrities. I am really interested in learning more about Mrs. Hornby's influence and designs. I will look into the Fashion Museum who preserves a 'world class collection of contemporary and historical dresses' to see if I can find out more about her. At a quick glance it looks like Judy Hornby was included in the dress of the year collection BUT I'm very if-y about this because the online archives mention Judith Hornby and not Judy Hornby.....ugh.....I'll figure it out.

In the meanwhile here are a few pictures I managed to snap of the dress.

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  1. nice! Judy Hornby did indeed have a dress of the year, 1971, according to wiki!